Loki Foundation

Transparency Report

If the Loki Foundation is ever asked to respond to a Government Request, we will include as much information about them as possible here. This could relate to Session, our secure messaging app, Lokinet, our onion routing network, or the Loki blockchain itself. 

Government Requests could be in the form of subpoenas or other forms of legal demands, through informal channels, or through legislation such as the TCN in Australia. Requests could come from any jurisdiction, including the US, Australia, and others.

Thankfully, because of the deliberate design choices to build a decentralised privacy network, we have no way to collect user-specific data on the network across our products. Therefore, any such requests will be limited most likely to technical information requests. No government can force us to release faulty or compromised software.

The Loki Foundation has received 0 requests from 0 jurisdictions as of the 26th May 2020.

If that changes, we will update this page and include as much detail as we can.