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Loki Foundation’s purpose is to build open-source, metadata-free communications tools and apps that defend privacy in the digital world.


Session is a private messenger built using a range of innovative privacy and security technologies, including onion routing, the Signal encryption protocol, and the Loki Foundation’s Service Node network. Session does not collect, use, or send user metadata, making it an ideal solution for secure, anonymous messaging. The app is designed for journalists, whistleblowers, and others who want privacy and freedom from any forms of surveillance.

You don’t need a mobile phone number or an email to create an account with Session. Your Session display name can be an alias, your real name, or anything else you’d like. Session does not access or collect metadata, geolocation data, users’ IP addresses, or any other data about the device or network you use.

Other features include end-to-end encrypted group chats and encrypted attachment sharing. Built on the decentralised Loki Service Node network, Session is censorship-resistant — with no central point of failure, it’s harder to shut Session down.

The first public version of Session was released in February 2020 for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.