The Loki Foundation supports projects and people who wish to contribute to providing better privacy tools to the general public. Through the Loki block reward and other fundraising schemes, the Foundation is able to respond to funding proposals that aim to meet our constitutional objectives and current projects of the organisation.

At present, LAG Foundation Ltd primarily supports the Loki Project, a cryptocurrency project aimed at creating a market-based Sybil attack resistant onion routing network, using a new protocol and backed by a privacy-preserving blockchain. For more information on the Loki Project, visit

Funding Available:

Companies, Individuals, and other entities are welcome to submit a funding proposal to the Foundation for consideration.

  • Proposals can ask for up to 200,000 Loki or $20,000USD in a proposal.
  • Proposal payments will be made in the Loki cryptocurrency and/or fiat currencies. Exact payment methods will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Submitting parties must be able to provide the Foundation with a receipt and/or invoice for payment to be made upon proposal approval.

Proposal Prerequisites:

Currently, we are only considering proposals that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The proposal directly contributes to the technical development of the Loki Project or contributes to a project that the Loki Project relies upon (ie. Monero, Signal, or other OSS projects that feed into the Loki ecosystem)
  • The proposal seeks to assist us in providing relevant educational and promotional material to a wider audience, particularly with the aim of providing education on the nature of digital privacy and awareness about the tools the Loki Project is producing.
  • The proposal improves public access to the Loki cryptocurrency and associated privacy tools.

Proposal Format:

The proposal should follow the template as outlined in this word document. Please make sure you answer all sections. You should send it along with any other attached material in an email to

Review Process

All proposals must be approved by a vote of the board members at board meetings which occur every 2 months. To minimise the time required for proposal reviews during these meetings, we have elected a funding proposal committee to vet incoming proposals. All proposals are sent to them via the secretary email address.

Upon receipt, the committee will send a reply. If your proposal is rejected because it does not meet current proposal criteria or failed to provide sufficient information, you will not receive any further response. If your proposal meets current criteria and contains sufficient information, the committee may send you feedback that requests alterations to your proposal to increase the chances of the board approving it.

If your proposal is approved for consideration by the board, you will be notified of the next expected date of a board meeting.

Once the meeting has taken place, you will be notified of the outcome. If successful, the proposal committee will coordinate payment schedules with you.

If your proposal is particularly time critical or important, you should mention so in the submission process. The committee can expedite the process, and even request the board to approve via circulating resolution at any time.