Loki Foundation

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Loki Foundation’s purpose is to build open-source, metadata-free communications tools and apps that defend privacy in the digital world.

Funding and Support

The Loki Foundation supports projects that align with our mission.

We are happy to consider projects by individuals, not-for-profits and companies that strengthen and promote digital privacy.

Funding Criteria

We are able to consider proposals that ask for up to $20,000 USD.   Currently, our funding is focused on project activities that:   
  • Increases the education and awareness levels of the wider population about digital privacy and the secure tools that the Loki Project is producing. 
  • Directly contributes to a project that the Loki Project relies upon (ie. Monero, Signal, or other OSS projects that feed into the Loki ecosystem)
  • Improves public access to the Loki cryptocurrency and associated privacy tools.

Proposal Submission and Review Process

The proposal should follow the template as outlined in this word document. Please make sure you answer all sections. You should send it along with any other attached material in an email to secretary@loki.foundation. The subject of the email should be ‘proposal for funding’.

All proposals sent to Loki will be acknowledged by the Secretary. Proposals will initially be vetted by a Funding Committee composed of a number of Board members.

If the funding committee approves your proposal for funding consideration, we will contact you to discuss next steps. We may request changes to your proposal that will increase the chances of Board for approval.

If your proposal fails to meet our criteria, we will inform you of the outcome via email. However, due to the large number of proposals we receive, we will not be able to provide individual applicants with any details or explanations as to why a proposal failed.

If your proposal is approved for consideration by the board, you will be notified of the next expected date of a board meeting.

All proposals must be approved by a vote of the Loki Foundation board members. Board meetings occur every 2 months, and the decision of the Board is final.

Once the meeting has taken place, you will be notified of the outcome. If successful, the proposal Funding Committee will coordinate agreements and payment schedules with you.

If your proposal is particularly time critical or important, you should indicate this in the submission process. The Funding Committee can fast track the process, and request the Board to consider time critical proposals outside the regular Board meetings.