Loki Foundation

Meet the Loki Foundation

We're a passionate team of advocates, creatives, and engineers building a world where the internet is open, software is free and accessible, and your privacy is protected.

Board of Directors

Simon Harman

Public Officer, Chair

Simon is a co-founder and the CEO of Loki — the Loki Foundation’s first major project. Since 2017, he has successfully driven the strategic direction of Loki using his broad range of technical and project management expertise. 

Simon is a longstanding member of Australia’s blockchain community, from facilitating grassroots education at the Blockchain Centre, to founding one of the country’s largest blockchain projects. From casual conversations to conference keynotes, Simon has helped build Melbourne’s bustling blockchain community with his passion for sharing, educating, and innovating in the blockchain arena. 

Improving privacy and security in the digital age have also become paramount to Simon’s work as both an advocate and entrepreneur. By implementing blockchain technology,  he is helping create tools which give the public free and easy access to secure designs which keep their information private and democratic freedoms intact.

Christopher Pavlesic


Chris was one of the founding directors of the Loki Foundation. He was integral to the initial setup of the foundation, assisted the foundation in becoming acknowledged as an official not-for-profit organisation, and provides the foundation ongoing assistance with its operations.

Chris is also a co-founder and the CEO of Coinstop, Australia’s largest and longest-serving provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency hardware. Coinstop specialises in hardware wallets for digital assets, which help people securely store cryptocurrencies — safe from hackers and attackers. 

Chris is passionate about helping people secure their digital assets and information, and has consulted as an educator and advisor with a wide range of businesses and organisations around Australia.

Joshua Jessop Smith

Josh is a co-founder and the CMO of Loki. He is a communications specialist with extensive experience in the film, television, and video production industries. Josh offers the Loki Foundation strategic planning for its public communications and media relations activities.

The potential of new media fascinates Josh, and he closely analyses the progression of video games and web platforms in the world of communications. Game and puzzle design is a passion of his, and he enjoys developing  experimental puzzle games that test the problem-solving acumen of his colleagues. 

Josh has a long history of interest and advocacy in the blockchain community, and has used his experience and expertise as a videographer and communicator to help spread the word about the value of decentralised and blockchain technology in Australia. 

His interest in blockchain is a part of Josh’s wider concern about the rights of internet users. Josh is a firm believer in ensuring the internet is an open and equitable place, and he is an active member of Digital Rights Watch.

Jason Rhinelander

Jason has an extensive background in economics and computer science. He has merged these fields to conduct postgraduate level research focusing on the computational modelling of economic activity. 

Jason believes that in order for a society to flourish, it must allow, engender, and encourage both privacy and openness. Strong privacy should be freely available to the individual, while the institutions who govern and affect the lives of those individuals must demonstrate high levels of transparency. 

He is an advocate for the proliferation of decentralised technology, which he hopes will lead to better dissemination of knowledge and information. 

Jason got his start with Loki by contributing as an open-source developer, and joined the Loki development team full-time in mid-2019. He has been a Loki Foundation director since early 2019.

Michael Bacina

Michael is a partner in law firm Piper Alderman’s FinTech Group based in Sydney. 

The rapidly developing blockchain space presents a distinct range of regulatory challenges. As a former developer, Michael provides the Loki Foundation a rare combination of technical and legal expertise in this unique space.

In the early 2000s, Michael founded his own successful tech startup, and has maintained active involvement in software development ever since. He has particular expertise in the workings and legalities surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, such as the Loki Foundation’s own blockchain project, Loki. 

Michael is a widely published legal expert, and a sought-after speaker in relation to legal issues facing blockchain adoption both internationally and within Australia. He is a consistent contributor to the blockchain space, regularly publishing on technology and blockchain matters.

John Pacific

John is an entrepreneur, cypherpunk, and cryptography engineer specialising in privacy-preserving technology. He was a founding engineer at the NuCypher project, working on Proxy Re-encryption and Fully Homomorphic Encryption research.

He is a strong believer in radical privacy and free and open-source software. John enjoys working with start-ups and small development teams, which he sees as a powering innovation in the industry of technology. 

John is a vehement advocate for distributed networks and software which aim to place control back in the hands of the user. He is extremely concerned about the way in which technology can be abused to restrict the freedoms of people around the world.

John is a cryptography advisor for Loki —  the Loki blockchain, Session, and Lokinet have all benefited significantly from his cryptographic expertise.


Dr Jason David Potts

Professor of Economics at RMIT University

Jason is an economist and professor at Melbourne’s RMIT University. He is a leading researcher on the economics of blockchains, and is currently the director of RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub.

Chris McCabe

COO of Loki Project

Chris is a co-founder and the COO of Loki. He is responsible for managing Loki’s daily operations, and has been integral in orchestrating the Loki’s scale-up from a startup of 4 to a bustling team of over 20.

Greg Valles

Managing Director of Valles Accountants

A veteran of the Australian Taxation Office, Greg is actively involved in the Australian financial community. He works with a number of institutes and forums, including the Institute of Public Accountants.

Rob Morris

Founder of Prismatik

Rob is the founder and CEO of Prismatik, a tech innovation hub which advises and consults technology start-ups.

Glen Lovsin

Privacy Enthusiast

Glen is a long-time digital privacy advocate. He takes an active interest in multiple privacy technologies, and has a wide range of technical expertise and knowledge.

Suelette Dreyfus

Blueprint For Free Speech

Suelette is a prominent technology researcher, journalist, whistleblower advocate,  and author of Underground.  She is currently a lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Loki Foundation, get in touch.