Foundation Details

This page is designed to give you more information about the Foundation. Here you can find some of our key governing documents and the people presently involved in the Foundation.

LAG Foundation Ltd

c/o Valles Accountants Pty Ltd, Mezzanine, Level 1, 452 Finders Street Melbourne, 3000

ACN 624 664 204 – Registered Charity Status Approved

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We are committed to providing a transparent overview of members as the membership base changes. You can read more about how membership work in the constitution. At present, our register of members is as follows:

Simon Harman – Director, Public Officer, Chairperson

Simon is the founder of the Loki project and has successfully driven the strategic direction of the project since it’s inception in 2017. Simon brings a broad range of technical and project management expertise to the table from both the events and blockchain industries, where he provided education and facilitated discussion on the blockchain industry on a weekly basis at Australia’s largest cryptocurrency meetup at the Blockchain Center.

He is an advocate for security and privacy in the digital age, committed to developing technologies to enhance the general public’s access to leading secure designs, keeping their information and democratic freedoms in tact. He also serves part-time in the Australian Army as an Officer Cadet (MUR).

Joshua Jessop Smith – Director

Josh Jessop-Smith is a communications specialist with extensive experience in the Film, TV, and Video production industries. He offers strategic planning to LAG Foundation in regards to public communications and media relations.

Josh is helping to advance blockchain and decentralised networking research within Australia and is also a member of Digital Rights Watch, which is a charity organisation that strategically defends digital rights of internet users.

Christopher Pavlesic – Secretary, Proposal Committee Chair

Chris is the co-founder of Coinstop, Australia’s largest and longest serving provider of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency hardware. Through his involvement, Chris has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in relation to the safe storage of digital assets.

As an educator, Chris helps both individuals and businesses in the industry protect themselves against malicious actors.

Chris was also one of the Founding Directors of the Loki Foundation, helping with the initial set up and operations of the entity and assisting in obtaining charity status.

John Pacific – Director

John is an entrepreneur, cypherpunk, and cryptography engineer specializing in privacy-preserving technology. He was a founding engineer at the NuCypher project, working on Proxy Re-encryption and Fully Homomorphic Encryption research. He is a strong believer in radical privacy and free software. He believes that liberty will only persist if people take direct-action in building replacements for technology that aim to restrict our collective freedoms.

Jason Rhinelander – Director

Jason is an academic and cryptourrency enthusiast, with a background in Economics and Computer Science, currently finishing a PhD in Economics with a focus on computational modelling. His academic interests include digital expression and the opportunities, incentives, and obstacles of such expression. Jason believes that in order to flourish a society must allow for both strong privacy and strong openness: strong privacy freely available to the individual, strong openness in the behaviour of institutions that govern and affect the lives of individuals. He opposes attempts to centralise and control dissemination of knowledge and information, particularly where such control is made mandatory through political or social pressure.

Michael Bacina – Director

Michael is a Partner in Piper Alderman’s Blockchain Group based in Sydney. He is a firm believer in the power of blockchain to deliver new ways of technology to a wider audience, with greater trust and security. Loki Foundation’s mission of providing secure communications offers an opportunity to build a new breed of DApps (decentralised applications) which are more secure from outside interference than ever before with a lower cost. Michael has also been a member of Loki’s Advisory Board for some time.

Dr Jason David Potts – Member

Jason Potts is a Professor of Economics at RMIT University, and Director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub, the world’s first social science research institute on Blockchain. He is the author of five books and over 100 scholarly publications on the field of innovation economics and one of the pioneers of the new field of Institutional Cryptoeconomics. He is a founding member of the Worldwide Blockchain Innovation Association, and also the International Society of the Study for Decentralised Governance.

Sam Williams – Member

Sam is the founder and CEO of the Arweave project, a censorship-resistant record of human history and knowledge. With an academic background in distributed systems design as a PhD student at the University of Kent, Sam is passionate about building protocols that help decentralise control of the information space.

Chris McCabe – Member

Chris has been involved in cryptocurrency for many years, with broad background knowledge of the blockchain industry and its inner workings, as well as the underlying decentralised technologies. He is an operations specialist with experience derived from a former career in electronics, and provides extensive support to the foundation’s day to day operations.

Greg Valles – Member

Greg acquired a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and worked at the Australian Taxation Office for more than 15 years. Actively involved in the accounting and business community, Greg is currently a member of the Australian Taxation Office High Wealth Australian Client Working Group, and is the managing director of Valles Accountants, a successful boutique accounting firm serving Australian and global clients.

Greg also carries experience in the non-profit and community sectors. He is one of the founding members of Outside The Locker Room, a non-for-profit committed to providing programs promoting mental health awareness in sporting clubs, schools, and workplaces.  Greg is an advocate of Starlight Children’s Foundation and Liberty Victoria.