Loki Foundation

About the Loki Foundation

Loki Foundation’s purpose is to build open-source, metadata-free communications tools and apps that defend privacy in the digital world.

Privacy is a fundamental right.

The Loki Foundation exists to defend your privacy in the digital world.

Whether you are transacting with friends or businesses, sending messages to your loved ones or even simply browsing the internet – privacy should be by default and be free.

As we become ever more reliant on technology, we are losing control of our privacy. It is up to privacy advocates and organisations like us to help people reclaim their fundamental human right to privacy.

The Loki Foundation does this by:

  • Building open-source, metadata-free communications tools and applications that are easy to access and free to use by anyone.
  • Producing learning resources that support project makers, developers, businesses and other interested organisations to better understand how to use, integrate and implement privacy technologies. 
  • Supporting, funding and providing technical expertise to projects that align with our mission. 

We are committed to being a transparent organisation, and for our work to remain free and open-source.

The Loki Foundation is guided by the following principles:

Principle 1.

We believe that people from all walks of life, no matter their location or circumstance, should have access to tools that ensure their human right to privacy.

Principle 2.

We believe a free and open internet is essential to upholding democratic principles, including freedom of expression and a free media.

Principle 3.

We believe that education and intuitive software is essential for users to better understand and exercise their right to privacy.

Principle 4.

We believe that digital technologies must give people privacy by default.

Principle 5.

We believe in encouraging respectful discourse, human dignity, and promoting stronger and better communities online.