The Loki Foundation

A non-for-profit entity created to promote and develop secure communication and transaction technologies for the benefit of the general public.

Our primary project is the Loki Project, a blockchain enforced mixnet that allows users to securely transmit and receive data and cryptographic tokens without malicious actors having insight into user activity or data.

What are we?

We are a company limited by guarantee in Australia. Our constitution can be found on the About page.

What do we do?

Primarily, we administer the Loki Governance Block Reward, a 5% cut of the Loki blockchain’s rewards system that is intended to be used for the development of the project and the advancement of privacy tools for everyone.

We accept funding proposals for this purpose, and also actively engage companies and individuals to further develop the project.

How can I get involved?

If you wish to submit a funding proposal to the Foundation, you can visit the Funding page for more information on the current proposal process and assessment criteria.

You can also be considered to become a member of the Foundation. We are currently exploring how to successfully expand the Foundation’s membership base to improve the collective wisdom and intelligence that goes into our decision making. Email secretary@loki.foundation for more information.